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C 3. Part 3 of the IELTS speaking exam consists of a discussion 3 4 minutes This is roughly based on the topic area of the Part 2 Long Turn. Some are thermoplastic which means that like candlewax they melt when heated and can then be reshaped. Read the text and then answer questions 1 5. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES READING . Test 4.

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While Martin's designs with graceful, flowing lines were not appropriate for the boxy Rauch and Lang car, Kenworthy thought they might be just the thing for a new, classy car like the Roamer. Martin, born in 1888, hailed from Buffalo and learned to drive on his dad's Columbia electric at age nine. By age twenty, he had settled in Ohio and become involved in several oil production companies. Four years later, however, he decided he'd had enough of that and relocated to Manhattan where his father had recently retired. With his father's blessing and financial support, Karl set his cap on auto design, quickly noticing that European companies were ahead of American builders when it came to design, strength, and precision. So, he concentrated his efforts on designing for European chassis. Once a client selected the chassis, Martin and the client would decide on a body style and go over client requirements. The next step was for Martin to produce a detailed sketch and watercolor rendering. Once approved, those were turned over to draftsmen to complete full construction drawings that could be sent to various body builders. At any rate, Kenworthy introduced Martin to Barley. Barley was sufficiently impressed to offer the designer the then princely salary of $50 a day, an amount sufficient to get Martin on a train to Chicago where styling work on the Roamer could begin in earnest.

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The creative ingredients give this beer a taste of bubblegum and clove with soft floral undertones and light sweetness from the figs. What in the world is a Schwarzbier!?Its basically a black lager. This dark German lager balances roasted yet smooth malt flavors with moderate hop bitterness. This beer wont be thick like a stout, it has medium bodied mouthfeel with a lingering taste of bitter chocolate. Brewed with lush American hops, Loki IPA packs a juicy, citrus punch with a bright, piney aroma. Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca hops erupt as Marris Otter malt gives depth to this super charged East Coast IPA. This is an Extra Special Bitter with a twist!We fermented this beer with our house Kolsch strain as opposed to the London Ale Strain that would typically be used for an ESB style. Its named after an extra special pup, Lord Buckley. Very thin and light body. Slight aroma of Guava with hints of Mango. A crisp sulfur in the nose reminiscent of traditional German lagers. High effervescent carbonation that is accentuated by the lactic acid bite. It ends with a clean candy tart with wisps of grain. This is a citrusy twist on our Phoebe Blonde Ale. For this version, we zested and juiced over 700 limes by hand yes, lots of went into this one!But the resulting beer is a crisp, clean ale with a tart, citrus zip!Our hazy IPA is sweet and citrusy with a sturdy body built by adding oats into the mash tun during the brew process. Chinook, Cashmere, and Centennial hops give it a perfect, juicy bite to complement the creamy mouthfeel.

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