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But even then give it time. One thing i learned is that you really do need to give it TONS of time to heal. I saw changes as far as 1 1/2 years post op. I think you'll be fine, and try not to freak out too much, sounds minor to me. Best of luck, and congrats on your surgery!We had similar surgeries, and I can tell you that i've been extremely happy with the results, and am 100% happy that I did it i know you will be too!:Thank you Marie, you are so sweet!I knew I wanted to document it years before it actually happened. Thank you for answering my questions. I'm sorry your nose hurt when that happened!I honestly don't see a difference in your nose from the accident. I'm sure you notice it more just because it is your face and you are your own worst critic!You look very pretty either way. I think reading your blog is sort of a wake up call to me not to get too comfortable in my "condition" and to be extra careful. I think I might even skip my first day back at school with my cast just because there are so many weird people out there and you never know if someone stupid might decided to punch you or something crazy. I know, I sound ridiculous but I don't want to risk it. And yes, our noses seem to have gone under similar procedures!Your old nose reminds me of my old one. I know I will not miss it at ALL. That thing made me self conscious for way too long!Anyway thank you so much for your kind words, your story, and your advice!I your blog, and I Dr. Naficy ; I had a primary rhinoplasty with him in July 2010 and am coming up on my 1 year postop. My question for you is regarding revision. I am a little nervous to address my aesthetic concerns with him. I had an open rhino as I had a huge hook that extended all the way to the tip, lots of tip thickness, etc. Overall, it is a very nice improvement. However, I want to discuss the bump I still have after a year and my tip still being a tad bulbous and 'heavy' still. Did he bring up the revision?Did you have to stress your concerns with him before talking about it?I know he is a perfectionist and very, very reasonable. I'm just a little nervous because I want to be 100% happy, and I don't feel that my concerns are inappropriate or out of this world. Having dealt with him in the realm of 'redoing' his own work Is he amenable to discussing it and charging me up the yang?Thanks for your opinion, sweetheart!And again, you do look amazing!Excuse me. And "not" charging me up the yang ; I am hoping if my concerns are founded in reality that he will work to give me a desired outcome!Thanks again!Hi there I was wondering what the outcome visit was with Dr. N concerning the slight revisions?I'm in the same situation with some conservative measures having been taken and I was hoping for more!I also don't want to pay any additional!Thanks!Hi Anony I actually decided not to go back for revisions after i had the bump. It's been a few years now, and i'm very happy with the final result.

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