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They were both 19 male and 26 female IELTS candidates with the age range of 19 to 42 speaking Persian as their first language. Their aim was to prepare for the real test of IELTS. Having finished the preparatory course, they took complete MOCK IELTS test prior to the actual IELTS test. This type of test is usually held at the end of IELTS preparatory courses in this institute. Participating in the low cost MOCK IELTS test helps them weigh up their preparation for the real IELTS test. This study adopted the convenience sampling method because the IELTS candidates were conveniently accessible to the researcher. The two instruments utilized in this study were two types of the IELTS academic writing task 1 tests namely, bar charts See Appendix A1 and tables See Appendix A2. These tests were parts of a complete MOCK IELTS test adapted from IELTS Cambridge book written by IELTS examiners. Considering the allocated time in the IELTS exam, the candidates were awarded 20 minutes to write a report of a minimum of 150 words per task. In this study, previous IELTS tests prepared by IELTS examiners were employed in order to help IELTS candidates get familiar with sample tests. The reason behind adopting these pre designed tests was twofold: They are deemed reliable, i. e. test takers without practice effect are likely to obtain the same score. The test takers were asked to write a report based on the information presented in the task. In fact, they should yield a writing report which gives a picture of their writing ability. Secondly, since these tests have previously been administered as real IELTS tests, they were supposed to be valid as well. It is worth noting that for the sake of not jeopardizing the validity and reliability of these tests, the candidates were asked at the beginning of the test administration whether they have already seen the MOCK IELTS test. To assess their English proficiency, test takers pay for taking this test. The policy of this institute is to replace the tests in case the candidates declare that they have already seen them. All candidates claimed that they had not seen the tests previously. To gather the necessary data to answer the research questions of the study, the following procedures were established. At first, in order to have a natural administration of the IELTS test and data collection, 45 IELTS candidates who had taken a preparatory IELTS course were selected based on the convenience sampling technique at Safirelian IELTS House. As the study purported to investigate the candidates performance, gender was not controlled and no placement test was administered. In fact, this study collected a natural sample identical to that of a real IELTS test. Next, a complete MOCK IELTS test was administered precisely similar to the real IELTS test. They were then asked to take part in another IELTS test within 10 days. It is noteworthy to mention that the candidates were informed of the purpose of the study at the end of the test to avoid the Hawthorn effect. They consented that the data of these tests would be utilized for a research project while their names would be kept confidential. Although the candidates were acquainted with the IELTS test, we assured that they understood how to answer the tests, that is, writing instructions were precisely elaborated on prior to the administration of the tests. The writing section of the test consisted of a bar chart and a table which did not entail many items of numerical data. The test takers were required to describe the bar chart and table.

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